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2017-01-20: Update your bookmark to  http://prounit.swegon.com/ProUnit
This login screen is used for versions from 25/2014.2.28 (ProUnit_201401) up to the latest version.
Old Prounit -button will take you to the login screen for version 25/2013.12.18 (ProUnit_201304).
If you have a file made with version 25/2013.12.18 or an older version then please use the old login.
Otherwise use this login.

When you login, the program remembers your settings and your latest project.
If you just close the window without clicking 'Logout', you stay logged in and the program remembers you also next time.

If you see this page first time, you need to create an account. Fortunately it is easy: Just please write your e-mail address and press 'Login'.